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Day 2 Back on the Insanity! 

Getting back on the exercise wagon is one of the biggest challenges for most people…Myself included.  As I hobbled into bed last night my muscles Soooo Sore I asked myself…Why Am I doing this to myself.  Am I a Glutton for punishment?  But I realized that this is my Challenge, this is the mike tyson to my punch out.  My mind still looks at exercise and physical exertion as some form of torture.  I often wonder (even as I do it) How people do this EVERY DAY!  The Key is Attitude!  As someone who is on the fence with fitness and health and struggling through it daily I have known both sides…I Know what it feels like to sweat through a workout that I Sat in front of the computer pondering if I should do it or not for 4 hours then grudgingly Finally put on my workout clothes then had to take a pee, then check my email one more time, then had to make sure the laundry was done, then had to post an ironic tweet on twitter, then had to check and see if anyone thought I was funny, then had to pee again, until finally getting around to doing it and HATING EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT.  But I also have been able to experience the OTHER side.  This is the side I imagine championship athletes have become experts at.  This is when you go in and you just focus on the PRACTICE of the body…Noticing how certain things are more difficult then others pushing just a little bit harder then last time, getting the form of the exercise correct Enjoying the Challenge Noticing the pain but not Dwelling on it.  This is where I want to be.  So often I feel like I just get sucked into the “this is Soooo HARRRRD” Vortex and my mind remains throughout my workout constantly nagging and whining and boo hooing Rather then focusing on the things that matter like form and breathing.  For some lucky people this mindset comes NATURALLY! to this I say WELL WHOOP DEE FREAKING DOOO GOOD FOR YOU!  But to those of us who were not blessed with the power of the overachiever in our blood we must Practice CONSCIOUSLY to interrupt this annoying little voice that takes the fun out of sweating and heaving and achieving (hey that rhymes).  I can barely walk right now but I am about to do my 3rd day of insanity and before I do it I am preparing my mind with some thoughts that go a little something like this:  Ok so I have set aside this time To sweat and move my body so that I can improve my circulation, brain function, muscle tone.  It is also Time that I have set aside to exercise my mind, to train it to be a Computing machine that creates thoughts that encourage and motivate me, Illuminate a new and exciting way of being in which I Take consistant action every day to move towards what I want and although each day each moment will come with its challenges I push a little bit harder and Do the best that I can  with what I have.  I will happily meet the pain and struggle as they are just signs that I am in the right place to create improvement and growth…I hope I dont poop my shorts.

You guys are awesome

I freaking Believe in you!

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